A Sochi Dispatch

I was so appalled by the bathroom situation that I failed to even notice that I didn’t have any bedsheets on my mattress. On the wall, they had posted yet another hastily-written sign:

We apologize, but there are no bedsheets available. Instead, we have furnished your bed with the guy from Independence Day who says “oh my god. Oh my gooohhhhhhhd, I gotta call my brothah, my housekeepah, my lawyah … ah fahget my lawyah.” Please forgive this inconvenience.

There he was, just lying there in lieu of a comforter.

You could read about sports journalists complaining about their hotel rooms in Sochi, where you can’t even flush the toilet paper down the toilet, or you could read Jon Bois, who is not in Sochi, complaining about Sochi. [SB Nation]

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