Wikipedia Lists for the Year of the Horse

Today is the Chinese New Year (look at the celebrations!), and here’s some Wikipedia stuff ready to be checked out in honor of the Year of the Horse, an animal with a fascinating (“historically, the flying, blood-sweating, dragon-boned, celestial horses are connected with the emperor Han Wudi”) place in Chinese mythology as well as an appreciably great Wikipedia presence.

List of historical horses, including:

  • Seldom Seen, a pony who successfully competed in dressage despite being unusually small.
  • Muhamed, the German horse allegedly capable of solving cubic roots

List of horse accidents, including:

List of U.S. state horses, including the South Carolina “Marsh Tacky”/”Swamp Fox

List of My Little Pony characters, including:

  • Sun Shower is a playful baby seapony. Sun Shower cares about her appearance highly and is very vain sometimes.
  • Zipzee has Allergic rhinitis; she usually sneezes a lot when she is near flowers, despite being born in Breezy Blossom.

List of fictional horses, including:

Also, there are horse-drawn boats?