Today We Celebrate JoJo

JoJo, like many other talented artists, has seen her career severely cramped by label bullshit: she signed a seven-album deal with Blackground when she was 12, and then Blackground lost their distribution but kept her in zero-support, zero-release limbo for seven years. After a lawsuit citing her label’s repeated breach of contract as well as the NY/CA law that requires minor contracts to be renegotiated after a certain period has elapsed, Ms. Thank God You Didn’t Do Hannah Montana is finally free to do her thing and newly in business with Atlantic! In praise of her talents, here’s the perpetual jam “Too Little, Too Late,” and the terrific Daniel Rossen (of Grizzly Bear) cover is after the jump.

And, for good measure, this great live cover of Alex Winston’s “Sister Wife” that she did last year.

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