“Hi, I’m Lily Tomlin. I’m a Pac-Man freak”

The above moment comes at 1:40 and is really, really great. This installment of Anita Sarkeezian’s “Tropes vs. Women” series is on the “Ms. Male Character,” who pops up in Pac-Man first but shows up everywhere: Sonic, Mortal Kombat, Super Mario, Kirby, Crazy Taxi, Donkey Kong, Angry Birds. The video’s from last November, but I started watching it this morning via Sociological Images and couldn’t stop after listening to the Pac-Man creator explain that his game was intended to play to the “things women like” (“fashion, or fortune-telling, or food, or dating boyfriends”): “I decided to theme the game around eating,” he said. “After eating dinner, women like to have dessert.”

Sidenote: Lily Tomlin married her partner on NYE! You go, Lily Tomlin.

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