Ask Baba Yaga: Should I Make a Vision Board?

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Hello Baba Yaga,

I have recently concluded a third failed romantic relationship in as many years and I am completely worn out and fed up with this waste of my time and energy. I am completely content being single, and have many career ambitions to focus on towards accomplishing goals in my life, versus draining my resources (emotion, money, time, etc) on another futile connection. How would you advise me in remaining on the “straight and narrow” without becoming side tracked with romantic involvements? Accountability? A vision board? Not leaving the house? I’m SO FED UP with heartbreak and failure; all I want is to make progress and be happy.


You,will always be wanting; love — so throw yr vision board back into its hell river. :Every being seeks what it wants & you seek romances, & then they fail. ,Why? You already know. It is only) in yr avoidance of this knowing that you must fail & fail again.; & straight & narrow paths are made by those who do know the forest, & fear it, & hack it open blind. Be a better woodsdweller & do not cut down every tree you meet, but first ask why it is there, & know it — only then.can you get through the woodshouse safely.

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