Did We Buy Any Cool Stuff This Weekend?

I spent Black Friday lying on the floor watching a bunch of 10-year-olds make stretchy bracelets, and I don’t like shopping generally and have never shopped on that death trap of an occasion. But I also think that the “We’re Above This” anti-Black Friday attitude is sometimes more like “We’re Above This in Terms of Our Income Level” and I would like to know if any of you have gotten good deals over the weekend or online today! I’ve been suppressing a low-level desire to get new books, fancy pens, and a purse that’s better than the $7 H&M one I’ve been carrying for a year.

I actually did buy something just now: this dress ($15 off!), for a December wedding. And maybe we should all be buying our Christmas presents? Or maybe we should all just retreat to the woods from December 24th-January 2nd? Yeah, let’s do that, that sounds good.