Ann Friedman’s Best Things of 2013

Best Thing I Transported in a Suitcase This Year: 10 lbs of frozen halibut

Best Thing I Transported in the Back Seat of My Car This Year: One large tumbleweed

Best Thing a Classic Sci-fi Actor Called Me This Year: “Ann Freedom”

Best Thing I Overheard at a Wedding This Year: “He’s got moves no grandpa should have.”

Best Thing that Licked Me This Year: Japanese wild deer

Best Thing I Removed from My Leg This Year: Cylindropuntia fulgida

Best Thing an Editor at a Women’s Magazine Said to Me This Year: “Just like, forget the nuance.”

Best Thing I Said Yes to This Year: Traveling 5,437 miles for a second date

Best Thing I Saw at a Kush Convention This Year: A weed psychic

Best Thing I Heard This Year: The pre-orgasmic moan of the giant tortoise

Best Thing I Wrote About This Year: Rat clits

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