Reading Between The Texts: Sexting, Sort Of. (?)

The Texts

B: Dinner this week?
Him: I didnt think i would hear from you again.. haha, Im availble early next week
B: You need to have more self-confidence boy!
Him: haha

The Analysis

K: Haha. You called him ‘boy.’
B: Guys love that. I think.
K: The few times I’ve been called ‘lady’ I liked it so much it was almost a problem, so I can see that. Although maybe the reverse is ‘sir’ and in this case it’s more like you are like his stern but ultimately kindhearted grandmother. Or maybe it is really cool and he was like “whoa.” Anywayyy, what happened after?
B: Nothing. I never heard from him again.
K: He is a really bad speller though, like really bad. And people who don’t use apostrophes are directionless and flaky, with little sense of purpose in life. Haha. I just thought of something terrible.
B: Don’t.
K: If you don’t have apostrophe you don’t have a purpose. Hahaha.
B: Katie.
K: I’m sorry. What do you want me to do, nothing is happening on my own phone.
B: The thing is, he’s probably going to end up sending me a dick pic. Mark my words.
K: What??
B: It’s always the ones who text “haha” and “lol” at the end of everything who are perpetually on the verge of texting you their penis.
K: Has this happened to you enough to draw conclusions like that?
B: Yeah. I have a little folder of them on my desktop.
K: What!!
B: I labeled it “2009 taxes” so nobody clicks on it.

•••The Texts

Him: C? married engaged? I might come over again … wanna do my Masters.
Him: where are you in two years?
C: Hi! I am not married or engaged. It would be great if you were here! In two years? Ummm, I’m not sure.
Him: Cu soon, need a job in Chicago then
C: I mean, choose the program/job best for you, but I would not be upset if it ended up close by!
Him: Are you in love?
Him: I have a girlfriend now

The Analysis

K: I actually feel like this is the most atrocious conversation I’ve ever heard in my whole life and I don’t really see how anything could ever be worse.
C: It never stopped!!!! It just ……. never …….….. stopped.
K: I think he should have to go to jail. He’s a criminal and he should have to go to prison, literally.
C: Yeah. You can’t just ask people if they’re in love. It’s illegal.
K: I know that. He asked you like 18 versions of that question, hoping you’ll say no because he wants you to be into him forever, and then tells you there’s someone else anyway. It is how Voldemort would have texted.
C: And ‘where am I in two years?’ I’m … KICKING YOUR ASS, IDIOT!! Haha.
K: That was very threatening.
C: What I need is to have a crush on ANYONE else so I don’t get excited about a text from someone I fake-dated a year ago who now lives in the fuckin’ Swiss Alps or something.
K: Yeah. I would tell you where to look for one but there’s just nobody. I thought I saw a cute boy the other day but it was, like, a mirage.
C: I know. I don’t even know what a hot guy looks like anymore.

•••The Text

Him: lakers a day off.feet on the table,espn,wat i’d give to hv R moanin on my lap right nw!!

The Analysis

K: I don’t get it I don’t think.
R: Like …
K: Like geographically. How would he even see the TV. Does he mean … wait. Uhhh … ew never mind, I don’t think that’s a thing.
R: He’d just have to look around me I guess?
K: It just seems like a lot of unnecessary background information. I’d never be like, “oh, it’s a good Ghost Hunters on, my nails look so great, come over and let’s do sex stuff.” It’s not a logical progression of thoughts.
R: Well, I also never respond when he does this, and we never even hooked up when we lived in the same place. So there is a lot to be confused about.
K: How do you even get to that point? Like, “she needs to hear this.” I mean, you shouldn’t ALWAYS believe in yourself.
R: I know. But I’ll get another one just like this in a month. It’s like how I keep time practically.
K: Do you think he needs a journal or something?

•••The Texts

J: Hey [him]! Just finished up with Dr. ____. Can I help you with anything?
(30 minutes later)
J: OK he just told me to go home, so I am. See you Monday.
Him: You know, when an upperclassman would tell ME to go home I would always say no and stay.
J: Oh man, you’re trying to pull my leg again.
(15 minutes later)
J: On the off chance you’re being serious, I can come back.
(15 minutes later)
J: But you’re joking…ah!
Him: I am, But you can pull my leg anytime u want

The Analysis

K: What is that even supposed to be a euphemism for? Things aren’t sexy just because you write “you” without the “y” and the “o.” Is this a med school thing? Do you guys have your own double entendres?
J: I really don’t think so.
K: What did you say back?
J: I don’t want to tell you because you’re not going to like it.
K: If it wasn’t “hark, filth, you will RUE the day you texted weird shit to me on a Tuesday evening,” then you’re probably right.
J: Um, it was a little nicer than that. I kind of went along with it until we were both like, “what are we even saying” and became too confused to continue. Want to know one more thing you’ll hate?
K: I mean, always.
J: He calls texting “playing.” He’ll be like, “oh, your class is in 20 minutes? 20 minutes to play.”
K: Sometimes I feel like everyone is trying to make me ill with these. They’re like basically ipecac.
J: You’d just think at some point it would be less horrible.
K: Ugh. Goddddddd. The thing about guys is they just …. shouldn’t.

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Katie Heaney lives in New York City now. She still writes the most beautiful goddamn text messages that the world has ever not responded to. Her first book, Never Have I Ever, is out in January, but you can preorder it now on Amazon or IndieBound, among other places.