What Is the Worst Possible Job for You?

My little brother came to visit me this weekend and we spent a while talking about this question. I guessed that the worst for him (a practical, quiet, ultra-big-picture person) would be over-the-phone technical support; apparently, his friends at college think he’d also be a terrible elementary school teacher. He thought I’d never make it as a toll booth operator in the cash line (I think I’d be okay in the EZ-Tag line because I could read books), and my boyfriend said I’d be the worst at running a “knick-knack small business” (this is so accurate that I am getting hives just thinking about all the trinkets). In turn, I told my boyfriend that the worst possible job for him would be a copy-editor; he (an architect) did not disagree.

Emma says she could never do PR work. What about you?

A moment to acknowledge the unemployment rate and the fact that it is always good to be employed.