Transatlanticism Demos > New Music from T-Swift, Gaga, Bieber

Little wave of fresh tunes today! A pro for the new Lady Gaga song is that it features R. Kelly; a con is that I’m absolutely never going to hop around the club screaming “Do what you want with my bod-ay, do what you want with my bod-ay.” Pro for the new Justin Bieber song is that it’s got this drip-drop, sleazy Jeremih Jr. beat; con is that one of the lyrics is, “That thing is swollen.” Pro for the new Taylor Swift is that it sounds like it was made for a My Little Pony movie soundtrack; con for the new Taylor Swift is the same.

Doesn’t matter, because NPR is now streaming the demos from Death Cab for Cutie’s Transatlanticism in honor of the album’s 10th anniversary, and so I’ll just be over here making Beautiful Mind-style yarn charts of every change in the lyrics and weeping peacefully into my coffee.

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