Imagining Grown-Ass Eloise

“I’m going to go all out and call Eloise a classist creation, a girl who fetishizes commodities like expensive hotels and room service. A girl, in short, who believes she deserves to be served, rather than to serve others. The Paris Hilton of the girls’ book heroine set, destined for future floozy-hood. Per Anna Quindlen, ‘When I think of Eloise grown up, I think of her with a drinking problem, knocking about from avocation to avocation, unhappily married or unhappily divorced, childless.’”

-At Flavorwire, Michelle Dean ranks 20 “classic girl heroines of literature” and has some WORDS for the girl on the tippy-top floor. We can’t pin this on Eloise, too, but while we’re at it: “A trip to The Plaza is not complete without visiting her very own shop!

🙁 [Flavorwire]