“I Collected My Offensive Hat and Prepared to Leave”

“In the morning, it was drizzling. We were both hung-over. I collected my offensive hat, put on my dirty underwear, and prepared to leave. He walked me out and decided to get coffee. The temperature had dropped at least ten degrees, making my T-shirt unsuitable for the sudden chill. I had no umbrella. Ten steps from his door, we ran into a pretty woman and her friends. He introduced me. It was his ex-girlfriend. She was showered, well-dressed, older than me, and bolstered by her friends. I wanted to die. We parted ways, and I was pretty sure that I would never see him again.

Fifteen years later, we are still together.”

-The Cut has collected 12 Horrifying Halloween Walk-of-Shame Stories, and at least one has a happy ending. [The Cut]