Who Is Taylor Swift Going to Play in The Movie Adaptation of The Giver?

According to Page Six, she’s definitely in, so we can only clench our butt cheeks and start conjecturing. We already know who’s playing Jonas (this guy), and his mother (Katie Holmes), and the Giver (Jeff Bridges); Swift’s supporting role remains a mystery. Let’s figure it out from the text.

Maybe she’ll be Lily, Jonas’s sister?

Good fit: This passage. “I felt very angry this afternoon,” Lily announced. “My Childcare group was at the play area, and we had a visiting group of Sevens, and they didn’t obey the rules at all. One of them, a male, I don’t know his name, kept going right to the front of the line for the slide… I felt so angry at him. I made my hand into a fist, like this.”

Bad fit: Lily is seven years old.

Maybe she’ll be Larissa, the Old that Jonas bathes in chapter 4?

Good fit: “frail body,” “fragile skin,” “sharp-boned shoulders,” “she lay in the water unprotected, exposed, and free.”

Bad fit: Larissa is an Old.

Maybe she’ll be the physical embodiment of the Stirrings that Jonas experiences in Chapter 5?

Good fit: “The wanting,” he said. “I knew that she wouldn’t. And I think I knew that she shouldn’t. But I wanted it so terribly. I could feel the wanting all through me.” Also, “sometimes the dosage must be adjusted.

Bad fit: The Stirrings are eradicated by the end of Chapter 5, and they are not people.

Maybe she’ll be Gabriel, the newborn baby?

Good fit: “During the daytime, Father reported, he was cheerful and seemed of normal intelligence. But he remained fretful at night, whimpering often, needing frequent attention.

Bad fit: Gabriel is a newborn baby.

What do you think?

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