What I’ve Been Up To

Edith, what have you been up to since you sort of left The Hairpin? Asked no one. Well, I got really into Seamless, watched OITNB, and went to Massachusetts a few times. I also got really into the Birthday Personality Tumblr — and so will you, now, please! (thank you, Sachar!) — and Coke Zero, again.

There’s also the Hairpin Travel Serial (more on that shortly, and longly, and for many weeks to come!), and then that’s about it. I really enjoyed reading Choire Sicha’s book, and Rachel B. Glaser’s amazing and excellently weird Moods. I’ve been listening to “Headband” (NSFW) a lot. Also HAIM’s “The Wire,” and FKA twigs’ “Water Me” (thanks, Alex Balk). And “Ho Hey,” although I was sad to learn that it had become or was always uncool. What’s so uncool about friendly, uplifting songs??

I also married, divorced, and invented a new shape. No — mostly I just sit on the internet still, except I don’t refresh whatever the good new substitute for Google Reader is. What is it, by the way? Is it Feedly? I also took a lot of pictures of one of my mom’s cats. (GIF after the jump.)

What have YOU been up to?