The Male Profession’s Female Relative

by Jennifer Little

The Ambassador’s Daughter

The Apothecary’s Daughter

The Aviator’s Wife

The Baker’s Daughter

The Baker’s Wife

The Bishop’s Daughter

The Bloodletter’s Daughter

The Bonesetter’s Daughter

The Bookseller’s Daughter

The Burgermeister’s Daughter

The Butcher’s Granddaughter

The Calligrapher’s Daughter

The Candidate’s Wife

The Captain’s Daughter

The Centurion’s Wife

The Chief’s Granddaughter

The Coach’s Wife

The Colonel’s Nieces

The Dairyman’s Daughter

The Diplomat’s Wife

The Ditchdigger’s Daughters

The Doctor’s Wife

The Dopeman’s Wife

The Emancipator’s Wife

The English Gentleman’s Wife

The Fisherman’s Wife

The Florist’s Daughter

The General’s Daughter

The Governor’s Daughter

The Governor’s Wife

The Hangman’s Daughter

The Headmaster’s Wife

The Heretic’s Wife

The Inquisitor’s Wife

The King of Elfland’s Daughter

The Kingmaker’s Daughter

The Kitchen God’s Wife

The Legate’s Daughter

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Wife

The Lightkeeper’s Daughter

The Madman’s Daughter

The Merchant’s Daughter

The Merry Monarch’s Wife

The Millionaire’s Wife

The Mortician’s Wife

The Murderer’s Daughters

The Nazi Officer’s Wife

The Parson’s Daughter

The Pastor’s Wife

The Pilot’s Wife

The Potter’s Daughter

The Preacher’s Daughter

The Prisoner’s Wife

The Professor’s Daughter

The Reverend’s Wife

The Rock Star’s Daughter

The Saddlemaker’s Wife

The Salaryman’s Wife

The Scavenger’s Daughters

The Sea Captain’s Wife

The Sea Captain’s Wife

The Senator’s Wife

The Shepherd’s Granddaughter

The Shoemaker’s Wife

The Shogun’s Daughter

The Soldier’s Wife

The Soldier’s Wife

The Storekeeper’s Daughter

The Storekeeper’s Niece

The Storyteller’s Daughter

The Time Traveler’s Wife

The Tinker’s Daughter

The Traitor’s Wife

The Tutor’s Daughter

The Warden’s Niece

The Watchmaker’s Daughter

The Weatherman’s Daughters

The Zookeeper’s Wife

Jennifer Little is an English PhD student in New York City, focusing on late medieval love poetry, and a high school English teacher. Both pursuits require placing herself in the mindset of people whose thought-process seems entirely alien. She also enjoys knitting, singing, and drunken critique of television drama.