Sex and the City 3: The Final Chapter

MIRANDA: How can they defund Obamacare? CARRIE: And why don’t *you* have “de funds” for brunch?! ALL: [laugh] MIRANDA: I’m broke

— Sex and the City 3 (@SATC3quel) September 25, 2013

Let us all take immediate note of “@SATC3quel,” the (Weird?) Twitter account run by Salon writer Daniel D’Addorio that makes a convincing argument for a bizarro third installment in the Sex and the City movie series. (Or, as good of an argument as one could possibly make.) In a week in which we were forced to reinterpret the magic of @Horse_ebooks, we have this — some sort of perfect mix between the flat earnestness of @SeinfieldToday and the “bizarre, bewildering@Seinfield2000 account:

AMAZON EDITOR: We’d love you to write a Kindle Single. CARRIE: Sir, can’t it be called a Kindle Figuring-Things-Out? AMAZON EDITOR: No, bye

— Sex and the City 3 (@SATC3quel) September 24, 2013

CARRIE: Ah, Stanny! You boys with your phones make me want to GROAN-dr! STANFORD: Carrie, I’m an adult. Please stop speaking to me this way.

— Sex and the City 3 (@SATC3quel) September 18, 2013

This is the important work of Salon’s Dan D’Addario, and it is my only #ff today or ever.

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