Lizzo feat. Sophia Eris, “Batches & Cookies”

Lizzo, a 20-something rapper out of Houston (she lists “Bee Yon Say” as her manager) by way of Detroit, signed with Totally Gross National Product (“curated” by no other than Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon) not too long ago. Pigeons and Planes premiered the video for her single “Batches & Cookies” yesterday. The track’s got a bouncy, whistling beat and Lizzo manages a deadpan stare as men eat donuts out of her hands. Salute.

LIZZOBANGERS is due out Oct. 15, but it’s possible that in a few months’ time the actual Bee-yon-say will write “Lizzo inspires us all” on a napkin or something, so get in on it while you can. (See also: “T-Baby.”)

[Pigeons & Planes]

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