Check Out The Unique Styles of These Children of Rock Royalty in New Gap Ads

by The Hairpin Sponsors

Alexa Ray Joel is not one to rest in the comfortable shadow of her rock star father, Billy Joel. In this behind-the-scenes video from Gap’s newest TV commercial, she shares her creative vision and talks about how her classical training and unique voice enable her to put a new spin on one of dad’s old classics.

Then check out this behind-the-scenes video featuring the son of guitar hero George Harrison, Dhani Harrison. In this intimate conversation, Dhani shares the importance of going back to blue by focusing on the basic blues roots of rock ‘n roll.

Head over to Gap’s YouTube channel to see Alexa’s unique take on her dad’s classic “Just The Way You Are,” and Dhani putting his own spin on his father’s “For You Blue,” plus from more young, creative people finding their roots and going back to blue.

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