Bat and Ball, “We Prefer It in the Dark”

This song came out about a month ago, but its more recently released video put it back in my head: Bat and Ball is a five-piece, sibling-fronted band from the UK, and this song is wonderfully minimal, like a non-twee Regina Spektor singing over spare, mathematical Alt-J instrumentation. If you like it, here’s another song of theirs, “Unrelated.”

In other new music, here’s “This Is What It Feels Like,” an incredible track from BANKS, the new Arcade Fire song “Reflektor,” and two performances on Jimmy Fallon: Kanye doing “Bound 2” with flawless Charlie Wilson and a children’s choir who presumably covered their ears for all that “spunk on the mink” business, and Volcano Choir performing the hell out of “Byegone.

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