At Last, An Overlap in the Venn Diagram of “Visually Pleasing” and “Bike Helmet”

As we have collectively noted, a good helmet is hard to find, and I point you to Danielle Baskin’s hand-painted Belle Helmets as a potential solution. Baskin, who is also a book illustrator and scenic designer, spends 3–10 hours painting every helmet; her designs include plaid, woodgrain, denim, solar system, homunculus, phrenology chart, Escher sphere, photo-real avocado, any of the 78 tarot cards, and many more. They’re all esoteric and colorful and rad, and crucially, none of them appear to put their wearer at risk of looking like a Yoshi, which I’ve heard can be a real problem for some.

For upcoming designs, Baskin is experimenting with “sparkly finishes, metallic paints, and conductive paint to light up small surface mount LED’s,” so keep Belle Helmets on the brain, if even just metaphorically.