Ask a Three-Year-Old: Best Friends Forever?

by A Three-Year-Old

Dear Three-Year-Old,

I had a huge falling out with my best friend. It’s a long story, and at the end of it, we hated one another. But, my question: I’m getting married next year and I don’t have a ‘maid of honor’. I have other friends, but not best friends. Should I try to repair my relationship with my former best friend? If not, how do I make a new best friend / potential maid of honor?



Dear BFF,

I have a best friend: her name is Mommy. Sometimes, when my Mommy is being a pugnacious Mommy, I’ll say, sorry Mommy, sorry you’re being a little bit pugnacious today. I’m a little bit grumpy of you, too, just like Mister Grumps. It’s okay. Would you like five graham crackers? Now can I watch “Roar”? Don’t laugh!

Sometimes I like to ruuuuuuuuuuuuuun and shout, “I’m a DUMMY!” Say-it-with-me: I’m a DUMMY! Say-it-louder: I’m a DUMMY!

Photo of a different three-year-old via benmcleod/flickr.

Three-year-old is three years old and actually used the word “pugnacious.” Do you have any questions for a three-year-old?