5 Ways to Engage Your Core

by Kendra Eash

1. Take your core to Central Park, cover it with your hands, and whisper, “Will you marry me?”

2. Surprise your core with a choreographed Flashmob. When all the dancing is done, have all your friends breathlessly watch as you ask for your core’s hand in marriage. Tip: Your core will probably be crying, so bring some Kleenex!

3. Go to Jared — not the store, that creepy guy that sells pot to high school kids. Smoke some and wait until your core is really relaxed before you ask it to spend the rest of its life with you.

4. Go to all of your favorite spots in the city. Draw clues on doorways, sidewalks, and bus stops of things that your core loves. Have a friend film the process so you can put it on YouTube after your core says “Yes.”

5. Get together with a good friend who knows both of you. Film a romantic comedy “trailer” that tells the story of how you and your core met, but leave the “ending” to be continued. Then take your core on a date to the movies, where you’ve gotten your local theater to play your clip during the previews. As the preview ends, turn to your core and pop the question.

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Kendra Eash is a copywriter in NYC. She tweets @jeriblank.