Nice to Meet You, Internet

Bryan Goldberg, founder and CEO of the new Bustle, is working through some complicated lady algebra:

What fascinates me as I spend a lot of time talking about women with what they want to read… I used to have this attitude of ‘Oh, a woman who likes beauty probably likes fashion, probably likes interior design, probably loves pop culture, and health and whatnot.’ But that’s not accurate. My girlfriend is really into health and yoga and fitness but she’s not into fashion. And I know women who are really into fashion but not into beauty. So, my cousin is obsessed with fashion but she’s not one of these girls who spends an hour putting on her face. And yet I know women who spend an hour putting on their face but don’t really care that much about yoga. And I know women who are really into interior design but don’t care about fashion. And it seems crazy. You say, how can someone love interior design but not care at all about fashion. And that’s what’s awesome about it. If you can make a publication that’s strong in all of these disparate areas and bring together all these interests no one else is doing, I think you have a winning idea there.

This quote is already better than any joke that could possibly be made about it. Let’s take a poll and get even “crazier”: what are we into? I’ll start. I am into dogs and music and getting drunk.