Deadly Combinations of Male Fashion and Behavior

1. Sunglasses worn backward on the head AND True Religion Jeans.

2. A ponytail gathered in bun at back of neck AND hugging a friend for a long time with closed eyes and wistful smile in the middle of a crowded restaurant AND flip flops.

3. A golf shirt with a corporate logo AND a cell phone holster AND repeated uttering of the phrase, “it’s all good.”

4. A goatee AND a toddler walking around wherever it wants to go AND the inquiry, “Do you guys have any chai?”

5. A flat-brimmed baseball hat AND an Ed Hardy T-shirt AND, in response to a female friend’s gentle suggestion, “Maybe don’t try to change her, try to change your own behavior,” the response, “I do do that. I mean, I just try to keep my distance and then when she starts asking me questions, I tell her to chill out.”

Photo via jre/flickr.