Your Cheat Sheet For Great Indie Films

by The Hairpin Sponsors

One word: SnagFilms. It’s a free video-streaming site that hosts a carefully curated collection of full-length films. You’ll get to unearth everything from popular favorites to indie gems, compelling documentaries to forgotten classics and film festival hits. The most random, smile-inducing movies exist on the site. Like, did you know that Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick was in a small town thriller? Or that prefame Ryan Gosling was in an indie football drama? Swoon.

There’s an eclectic bunch of titles and they’re all great. SnagFilms is backed by a team of talented editors who dedicate their lives to searching and recommending such great titles. Call them your cinephile friends. The site is humming under their influence, from their “Snag Selects” movie spotlights on the home page or genre page to their brilliant recommendations. Sign up now at SnagFilms to find your next favorite movie. You’re welcome.