Selections from Taco Bell’s New “Millennial Menu”

by Blair Thornburgh

Taco Bell will shock the fast-food industry on Tuesday by announcing plans to drop kids meals and toys at all of its U.S. restaurants.

“The future of Taco Bell is not about kids meals,” says Taco Bell CEO Greg Creed. “This is about positioning the brand for Millennials.”

• Cantin-stagram Steak Quesadilla

• Artisan, Handcrafted, Small-Batch Cinnamon Twists

• Buy this Burrito with Pocket Change, We Won’t Judge You

• Gluten-free Limeade

• Crunchwrap Supre-me-me-me

• Small-plate Volcano Nachos®

• Doritos Locos Taco

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Blair Thornburgh is a writer in Philadelphia.