And I Will Call Her Candy Crush

Do you have any children? Do they play the game?
Yes, I have two daughters. One of them is called Saga and yeah, she has seen the game and tried it with me. But it’s not primarily a game for children, of course.

Did you say her name was Saga? Like Candy Crush Saga?

You named her after the game?!
No, it was a coincidence. It means the same in Swedish as it does in English. She’s eight so I named her eight years ago. That was before the game. But I haven’t told her yet that the game is not named after her.

She thinks it is?
Yeah, of course.

Valleywag’s Nitasha Tiku sits down with Tommy Palm, one of the “game gurus” behind the (allegedly) addictive game Candy Crush. I have not yet played this game and will do my best to continue on that track, but I am interested in those pants.