Vanity Fair has put together a slideshow of luxurious tree houses available for rent all over the world, and it’s dreamy. Which do you like best? The French chateau with blue stone doors and WiFi, or maybe the one in the Costa Rican rainforest with colored glass windows and a tendency to sway in the wind? Some of these houses were built expressly for rental, but others are OG:

Most really were ex-children’s playthings that parents repurposed in a post-recession way to earn extra scratch. “It’s literally the childhood fantasy,” he says.

Yes, that old dream — how vividly I remember being a kid and wanting my mom and dad to build me a tree house so stunning and well-decorated that it would get more AirBnB page views than any other tree house in the world.

Related: a history of tree houses. Did you know that medieval Franciscan monks used to meditate in “tree rooms,” and that there’s a French town called Plessy-Robinson that became famous in the mid-19th century for its tree house restaurants, in which “meals were hoisted up to diners in a basket pulley and often consisted of roast chicken and champagne”?

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