Nancy Drew Books You Haven’t Read Yet

by Blythe Roberson

#1, The Secret of The Old Clock
Nancy finds a missing will in the back of an old clock, and sees a person die for the first time.

# 4, The Secret of the Lost Key
A neighbor asks Nancy to help find a missing key, and Nancy spends the book meditating on possible metaphorical meanings of the word “key.” The neighbor finds the key behind a dresser.

#11, The Bungalow Mystery
Nancy asks herself why she feels compelled to spend all her time and energy solving other people’s problems.

#17, The Mysterious Crying
After Ned and Nancy break up after a fight about her hero complex, her father Carson Drew hears mysterious sobbing coming from her room late at night. He decides not to address it and see if she works out her issues on her own.

#24, The Mystery of the Haunted Library
Late at night, flickering lights and creepy sounds come from the River Heights library — is the culprit a robber stealing a rare book? A janitor discovers that Nancy has been staying in the library overnight to avoid her friends and family.

#27, The Ghost of Blackwood Abbey
Nancy decides to leave secular life and become a nun. It turns out the only ghost haunting Blackwood Abbey is the Holy Ghost! But one of the nuns is stealing from the abbey, which explains the missing candelabras.

#33, The Case of the Mass Text
Nancy tells her entire contact list never to text her again, because she’s seriously trying to manage a severe anxiety disorder right now and she can’t deal with little messages popping up on her phone non-stop.

Photo via hownowdesign/flickr.

Blythe Roberson is a writer and improviser living in Chicago. Her twitter handle / how she explains her name to people is @blythelikehappy.