Get This Look: Dining Utensils

by Rebecca Jane Stokes

1. Spoon

A spoon is a tool utilizing for dining. It is mainly an aid in the ingestion of soups or other “liquidy” foods. Sometimes people will give you a spoon when you order a piece of cake at a bakery. This will be very confusing for you. Spoons have been around since ancient Egypt, when they were made of things like flint or slate. In Tudor England, people traditionally gave spoons as a christening gifts; each spoon had the mark of one of the apostles on it. They were also silver. These days, spoons are usually only given if you are about to eat ice cream, which is like being christened, but better.

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2. Fork

A fork is a piece of cutlery used to hold food in place, and to put food into the mouth for chewing. It is usually made of metal, which is strange for something sharp you put in your mouth. If you are in America, it is expected that you will hold your tines so that they face the sky. In Europe, it is expected that the tines will face the table. If you do this wrong, someone will think you are a pig, but provided you are actually moving the food into your mouth successfully without stabbing yourself in the face, I’d say you’re doing it right. The word fork is derived from the word pitchfork, so when you’re eating, you can pretend your food is a stack of hay and that your arm belongs to an eager farmer. The fork was really only first utilized during the ancient Roman empire, when people sought a better way of glutting themselves. Though they’ve been around for a while, they were traditionally the tools of the upper classes. If you had a fork in the 16th century it was like screaming, “I’m rich bitch!” Thank you, forks.

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3. Knife

Knives have always been around. We use them when we eat to chop up our food into little bits because we unfortunately do not have detachable jaws. In the culinary world there are enough different types to write a song about: table knife, butter knife, bread knife, oyster knife, chef’s knife, butcher’s knife, cleaver, electric knife, ulu — you know, an ulu. Once when I was a kid, my baby brother got upset with my sister and threw a table knife at her. It missed her, but it shattered her water glass.

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