Get This Look: Adventure Time

by Rebecca Jane Stokes

Adventure Time is a Cartoon Network series that is quite popular on the Internet.

1.) Lumpy Space Princess

Lumpy Space Princess is, as her name would indicate, the princess of Lumpy Space. Though an unconventional beauty, shaped like a giant purple cloud, with a deep vaguely masculine voice, LSP — as she is known to her friends — is a bastion of confidence. Some might even go so far as to say she is overly confident when it comes to her looks, her personality, and her bravery. She’ll cut a bitch if she has to (or so she claims), but her interior, like her exterior, is truly soft and mushy. LSP often joins the show’s protagonists, Finn and Jake, on their adventures, and has an enduring, long-standing passion for Finn. Her valley girl drawl and her passion for inventing her own slang remind us vaguely of Cher in Clueless… only lumpier.

Get The Look:

Get The Look: Lumpy Space Princess

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2.) Gunter

We paid a bit of an homage to Gunter last week, using earrings created in his image in our Hockey look (I fear I cursed the Pittsburgh Penguins, and and for that I am truly sorry). This mostly expressionless, curious, jewel-stealing little fellow is one of the oft-villainous Ice King’s penguin minions. Some might say he is the primary minion. They would not be wrong. He is also a girl. We know this, because one time Gunter got sick and then hatched a flying pink kitten. It was at this point that I bellowed, “WHAT IS THIS SHOW? ARE CHILDREN WATCHING IT? BECAUSE I HOPE SO.” Ice King and Gunter have a co-dependent relationship that often verges on abusive. While Gunter exists to serve the King, he also craves his love. When Ice King mistreats Gunter, the creepy little guy gets his revenge in any number of ways. He also loves to break things.

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Get the Look: Gunter

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3.) Marceline

Marceline is a vampire, and she’s over a millenium old — though you wouldn’t know it, given her tendency to wail on her guitar, while singing out sad songs about her relationship with her father, who is basically the devil. While a tortured soul whose first appearance in the show made her out to be a bad guy, Marceline has evolved. She’s now a good friend to Finn and Jake, and a badass rock n’ roller. She also knows the whole sad story of Ice King’s past. It’s so sad. Even thinking about it makes me want to go lie down.

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Get The Look: Marceline

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