Get This Look: Twin Peaks

by Rebecca Jane Stokes

1. Log Lady

Poor psychic Margaret. She lost her husband to the devil the night of their wedding, as is perhaps the norm in the town of Twin Peaks. When detective Dale Cooper arrives to assist in solving the murder of area teen Laura Palmer, he’s guided by his dreams, which are more like visions, and Margaret, or Log Lady, as she’s known about town, helps by handing him grim bon mots courtesy of, she says, her log, which can be found cradled in her arm like a big, jointless baby. Additionally, she has a thing about chewed up wads of gum. But who doesn’t, really?

Get This Look:

GTL - Log Lady

Log Lady, featuring vintage eyeglasses


2. The Giant

The Giant appears to FBI agent Dale Cooper in his vision-dreams, and he comes, in season one, with clues regarding Laura Palmer’s death and the identity of “BOB,” masked as riddles. In season two, he shows up AND VERY EMPHATICALLY IMPLORES DALE (see above) NOT TO LET ANNIE COMPETE IN THE MISS TWIN PEAKS CONTEST. Thus proving that “too opaque” and “too transparent” are both bad things to be. Also, on earth he is embodied by a waiter who doesn’t understand what it means to see someone bleeding out on the floor. Because this is a series brought to us by David Lynch.

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GTL - The Giant

The Giant, featuring Kate Spade


3. Agent Dale Cooper

Agent Dale Cooper is the beating heart of Twin Peaks. A stalwart, honest, odd-as-balls FBI agent with a dark past, he arrives in Twin Peaks as an antidote to the dark pall Laura Palmer’s death has cast over the town. Cooper wears his heart on his sleeve, and his adherence to Tibet-inspired deduction proudly. His passion for life, and for the small town he’s chosen as a second home, are matched only by his passion for a cup of hot, black joe. Sure, we could get annoyed that Kyle MacLachlan let his then-girlfriend (Lara Flynn Boyle) talk him into vetoing Cooper’s relationship with Audrey, but the universe has a way of righting all ills, and thus was it that Kyle MacLachlan starred in Showgirls.

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gtl - Dale Cooper

Dale Cooper, featuring Ted Baker jacket

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