Get This Look: Reading Material

by Rebecca Jane Stokes

1. Newspapers

Newspapers record breaking current events with local and global perspectives. They also feature cartoons that make you chuckle although you aren’t sure why, and sometimes editorials written by your dad that you pretend to understand. In addition to serving as daily chronicles for the people, they also tell you what your day is going to be like based on your astrological sign. They’ve been around since ancient Rome, where news items were things like “Eating Lying Down Still Awesome” and “Another Day, Another Christian Eaten By A Lion,” and, finally, “Bread and Circus: The Big Con Caesar Doesn’t Want You To Know About.” They’re typically printed on cheaper paper, and used to be folks wrapped their fish in them. They’ve suffered since the recession, but never doubt the ability of this classy in-touch broad(sheet) to bounce back.

Get This Look:

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2. Books

A book is made up of a varying number of pages, typically bound. These pages have words on them that, god willing, make up a collection of poems, maybe a non-fiction account of the life of Catherine the Great, or fiction about women drinking martinis and sleeping with the wrong sorts of men in Ireland. Books evolved from writing with twigs in the dirt and then later carving into walls because of how the ancients liked to make things more difficult than they need to be. It used to be in medieval times that monks were responsible for making books, but then with the advent of the printing press the monks were all like “fuck this, I am making jam.”

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3. Blogs

A blog is a website. “Blog” itself comes from combining the words “web” and “log.” People do this because they’re gifted, talented, and don’t have time to waste saying two separate words when they could just say one. Blogs have only really been around since the 1990s — basically as soon as people had the internet and the technology to put words on the internet. Sometimes people write about politicians, or about cats, or about history. Whatever your interests are, you can probably find a blog about it. A blog is like a book or magazine, but on the internet, which makes it more sciencey and amazing. In fact, blogs are so pervasive … YOU ARE READING ONE RIGHT NOW AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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