Books I Would Read If They Were Real

by Rebecca Jane Stokes

1. Cut Me Off A Slice Of That: Bread Fetishists

2. “What’s That Smell, Special Agent?”: An FBI Scratch-N-Sniff

3. One Beauty My Ass: Jo March In Her Own Words

4. Cakes With Alive Things In Them: A How-To

5. Secret Nude Portraits of Henry VIII

6. Let’s Dewey This: Librarians Versus Librarians

7. The Raptor is Coming: Tails of Fundamentalist Dinosaurs

8. Cats Wearing Glasses: It’s Not Humor, It’s Astigmatism

9. You Forgot To Take Out The Recycling: Roommates Who Aren’t Really That Bad

10. Like Roger Rabbit!: Movies You Forgot About But Really Liked At The Time

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