What’s On Your Locker Door?

I was reading Men’s Journal, as one does (?), and saw this Macallan ad with the cute ginger doctor from Grey’s Anatomy, and found myself literally tearing it out of the magazine. And then I was all, oh, what am I supposed to do with this? Put it in my wallet? Get it together, girl.

But I guess I do miss having a locker door to put pictures of hot people on. A friend told me that back in the late 1970s there was a super-cute lift operator at my local ski hill, and she surreptitiously took a photo of him, had it blown up and copied, and he was the Jonathan Taylor Thomas of her New Jersey middle school for the next three years.

What I’m saying is: who was on your locker door then, and who would be on it now? Images encouraged. It’s a Monday. Edith’s out of town, I’m emotionally lost.