Get This Look: Cheese

by Rebecca Jane Stokes

1. The Cheese Ball

Happy National Cheeseball Day! Did you know there was a day during the year when we took time to pay homage to this spherical mass of cream cheese covered in nuts typically served around the holidays in the United States? Of COURSE YOU DID. Because you’re an intelligent and savvy cheese consumer with an eye for style who knows all holidays with great panache! BONUS CHEESE BALL FACT: In Italy, they are called Bocconconi, which is both difficult and delightful to say out loud quietly to oneself.

Get This Look:

gtl - cheese ball!

Cheese ball! Featuring hudson jeans


2. Bleu Cheese

Bleu, or ‘blue,’ cheese can come from a sheep, a goat, or a cow: When it comes to which mammals gushes forth with the milk meant for its cultivation, it’s not picky. But don’t think this cheese comes without airs or pretense — it MUST have mold in it and it MUST smell so strongly that when your parents accidentally leave it in the back of your car you begin to quietly fear that you have developed a cancer that makes itself known through the power of odor alone. Legend has it that the discovery of bleu cheese occurred in a French cave — as the best things do. It was an accidental discovery when some lazy as ass person was all “Whatever, this mold prrrrobably won’t kill me,” which really makes a lot of sense. Thanks, that guy!

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GTL - Bleu Cheese

Bleu Cheese, featuring pull-on boots


3. Manchego

In addition to being the best of all the cheeses that there are, Manchego begs you to put a second ’n’ just before the ‘g’ whenever you pronounce it. Don’t do this, or your roommate will mock you, much in the way she mocked you when you, a pure heart wanting only to order tacos, pronounced ‘Oaxaca’ as though it were a city in Japan. You just wanted tacos. Manchego is a mild, buttery cheese cultivated in the La Mancha region of Spain. It can only be made with sheep’s milk, and only in this particular part of the country. So if you live in Buffalo and start “making your own Manchego” SPAIN WILL COME FOR YOU.

Get This Look:

GTL - Manchego

Manchego, featuring elastic shorts

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