“How I Stopped Eating Food”

Are you tired of wondering what you should have for dinner? So is this guy. Or, at least, he used to be:

I hypothesized that the body doesn’t need food itself, merely the chemicals and elements it contains. So, I resolved to embark on an experiment. What if I consumed only the raw ingredients the body uses for energy? Would I be healthier or do we need all the other stuff that’s in traditional food? If it does work, what would it feel like to have a perfectly balanced diet? I just want to be in good health and spend as little time and money on food as possible.

I haven’t eaten a bite of food in 30 days, and it’s changed my life.

If you’d like to give his Soylent a shot*, possibly with a view to a great stunt book deal, you can sign up for his trial here.

*”If you want to make Soylent for yourself, be very careful. We’re not making pie here.”