Happy National Plan a Solo Vacation Day

Today is apparently National Plan a Solo Vacation Day, which I am not making up, although someone is, and one of the outlets that’s celebrating is the company FinderCodes, which has a nice Travel Lost and Found Kit to help keep track of your stuff.

Their tips for planning a solo vacation include 1) leave your gadgets at home, 2) try new things, 3) ask locals for tips, 4) Google ahead to look for free and cheap events/activities, and 5) to “Have at least 2 copies of your driver’s license and passport, keeping them in separate places to ensure you always have a copy. Give a family member or friend a copy of your itinerary, hotel, and travel information in case they need to track you down. Avoid going out alone at night, and carry a whistle with you for when you need help quickly. If you’re uncomfortable in a situation or environment, leave and try something else.”

In light of these real if obvious tips, mine seems silly, but I only have one and it works great, and that’s to consume two or three or four units of alcohol, buy plane tickets, fall asleep, and figure the rest out the next day. What could go wrong! Oh, you fuck up your job and spend money you don’t have? Well, there is that. *Looks around at smoldering life landscape.* Anyway, happy yolo vacation day. It doesn’t even have to be a vacation. No, mostly the whistles. Happy whistle-purchasing day (Amazon | Independent Whistle Manufacturer).