Get This Look: David Bowie

by Rebecca Jane Stokes

1. Labyrinth Bowie

Many of my generation were spurred out of our sexless youths and into adolescence at the site of Bowie as Jareth, the codpiece frontin’, owl-turnin’-into, Gem-hairstyle-bogarting Goblin King who wanted nothing so much as he wanted to make Jennifer Connelly’s underage Sarah kiss him forever in an Escher-inspired room of stairs. Sarah, for reasons unknown, denies herself the carnal knowledge of Bowie’s splendor, and opts instead for saving her snotty baby brother. Also there are songs and Muppets.

Get This Look:

GGTL - Labyrinth Bowie

Labyrinth Bowie on Polyvore

Ivory Velvet Cloak Lined in Ivory Satin

80’s Bogan Blonde Mullet Costume Wig — Heaven Costumes fancy dress…
$28 —

Owl Shadow Puppet


2. Just A Gigolo Bowie

Remember that time David Bowie played a World War I veteran who turned to the sex trade upon returning to Berlin, and then had sex with Kim Novak in a graveyard, basically? Of course you do. As an aficionado of cinema, history, and David Bowie in uniform, this is a can’t-miss look. Additionally, Marlene Dietrich: my impression is impeccable.

Get This Look:

GTL - Gigolo Bowie

Gigolo Bowie on Polyvore

Resteröds Gunnar Boxer
$34 —


3. Ziggy Bowie

He’s an alligator. And furthermore, a mama papa coming for you. Though he’d been skulking around the musical since the ’60s, dropping such splendors as “The Laughing Gnome” and “I Dig Everything,” it was the character of Ziggy, an androgynous, alluring alien savior destined to guide the youth of the age through the end of the world who really broke Bowie on through to the other side. Flamboyant, playful, and a fan of face paints, to Ziggy must we pay homage.

Get This Look:

GTL - Ziggy Bowie

Ziggy Bowie featuring just cavalli jeans

Just cavalli jeans

Top secret

Sling back shoes

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