Farewell, Jane

Please join me in wishing farewell to Jane Marie, who is moving on from The Hairpin. It’s been a pleasure and ridiculously fun to work with her, especially because it’s rarely felt like work. And although it’s hard (/impossible) to pick such a brief selection, I’d like to highlight a few favorite pieces:

What It’s Like to Get a Biopsy

I’m Changing My Name, Again

Women Struggling to Drink Water

How to Use the Internet

The Best Time I Occupied Wall Street

– And her lovely tribute to David Rakoff

(She’s also really good at creating imaginary vacations and actual gorgeous events.)

And I imagine I’m not the only one who regularly replays her beauty tutorial videos to both get better at the things she’s teaching (personal favorites include Cat Eye, Big Hair, and ’50s Glamour) and to pretend she’s in the room with me. Here’s the whole backlog. (Plus all her excellent and hilarious Beauty Q&A columns.) Thank you, Jane.

You can also keep up with Jane Marie on Twitter, on Instagram, and via her website.