Avocados for Lunch

… 95 percent of the avocados sold and obsessed over in the U.S. are Hass avocados. That’s one variety. One. Out of more than 900. There are so many avocados of so many shapes and sizes, textures, and even flavors. Hass is a pretty good one, to be sure, but maybe there’s something else out there we might also enjoy. Differently? As much? Oh god: even more.

Writing for The Atlantic, Leah Reich describes her love for avocados. She also opens this unexpectedly compelling avocado portal, which can lead to following Hass avocados on Twitter. And then to this more staid site for California avocados (also on Twitter), and this site for Mexican avocados, where a halved cartoon avocado wears what appears to be a denim miniskirt (even more followers). Chilean avocados snagged the “@avocados” handle, though.