Wonderful Sentences About Tourism in Finland

1. “The Finnish tourism brand is stated by the Finland Promotion Board. The brand has four main dimensions beginning with letter C: Cool, Contrasts, Credible, Creative.”

2. “In the winter-time Helsinki’s northern position makes it dark for most of the day, thus making it a cosy town with much interesting lighting, such as the classic Aleksanterinkatu’s Christmas street (Joulukatu).”

3. “During the coldest months of the winter it is very common for Helsinkians to go for walks on the frozen sea, although much caution must be taken.”

4. “Santa Claus is commonly known to live on Korvatunturi in Finland.”

5. “In the winter there is a large snowcastle with an Ice hotel built every year in the northern town of Kemi.”

6. “Walking is quite a popular activity in the summer.”

7. “There are no high mountains in Finland, so climbing is somewhat limited.”

8. “There are also many places for ice swimming along the coast, some with saunas.”

9. “Ice hockey is a popular sport in winter, and it is possible to go ice yachting, or ice skating on the ice.”

10. “Most lakes are also frozen, so ice fishing (pilkkiminen) is quite popular.”