What Your Bag Says About You

You carry your junk around in:

a. A tote. You probably got it for free or for donating to some charity. It holds everything, but not always because you can’t close it, so some things end up on the floor of… wherever.

b. A fancy leather handbag you got as a gift. Actually holds everything and sometimes starts conversations with strangers.

c. A not-fancy leather bag, usually a hobo, that you got at the J. Crew outlet because it was nice and cost less than $200.

d. A really not-fancy but good looking and useful pleather bag from Urban Outfitters or Target.

e. A backpack?

f. One of these canvas and leather tool bags which should be popular given the price and how nice they look.

g. A combination of your pockets, glove compartment, and a wallet you remember to use every-so-often but eventually end up taking your ID and credit card out of and just putting those in a pocket because you don’t really need everything else until you finally have spend that Subway gift card on a party sub and then you carry the wallet around for a few weeks after that, but only a few weeks.

What your selection says about you: Not much!