The Edwardian Sex-Pest

“I’m messing up people’s lives. There was this punter who came up to me on the tube and goes, “Listen, mate, I don’t normally watch period drama.” That’s how it always starts, and the next line is, “my missus watches it.” And then the third is, “but I’ve actually started liking it. You f**king the man, man. Last night, the tears…” and then he just walks off! And you think, This is what I do it for.”
— Rob James-Collier on being the man you love to [something]. And, of course, you’ve seen The Picture by now, right? Someone should write a dissertation on how perfectly rumpled and pleasant-looking Lord Grantham is, and how happy Daisy looks wedged into his armpit, and how Anna may be a little “Bates, watch that hand, k?”

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