Love Gone Wrong

by The Hairpin Sponsors

Like the great state of Virginia, Valentine’s Day is for lovers. So what does that mean for the 55 million singletons spending today alone?

If you haven’t been struck by cupid’s arrow, it’s all too easy to drown in a sea of candy hearts and chocolate boxes. This year, we’re throwing you a lifeline: We’ve planned your night for you.

Stay home and read.

Because not all the good books are taken. And because there’s no shame in reading multiple books at the same time. And because it’s good when books are cheap.

As your antidote to this Hallmark holiday, the folks at Open Road Media have put together a reading list of ebooks that are a little less happily-ever-after and a little more Fatal Attraction. Stalking? Check. Adultery? Yep. Murder? Got it.

Who needs a date when you’ve got a good book? Check out our guide below, and Click here to find your match.