Gosh I Hope She’s Okay

If you’ve ever fantasized about running away and joining a winery, but all you can picture is a blurry combination of pretty wood, sunlight, your own hand cupping a grape cluster, the clink of glasses, and lots of hearty, attractive people laughing (and then maybe a little bit of that old viral video of the local news reporter), Serious Eats has a sweet roundup of winemakers describing how they actually got their starts (slide No. 18 brings this particular wood/sunlight vision a little more into focus). Abridged version: Being a white dude who grows up on a vineyard/in a winery seems to be more or less the way to go, but they don’t say that blogging about it for a few years specifically isn’t the way to go, either. Plus, did you know there’s apparently an “online-wine equivalent of American Idol”? (Hm, that would actually be the Murphy-Goode “A Really Goode Job” competition from a few years ago.) But anyway, fun jobs, possibly.