Get This Look: McDonaldland

by Rebecca Jane Stokes

1. The Hamburglar

All the McDonald’s characters we’ve come to know and love were originally products of the imaginations of Sid and Marty Krofft — the dudes behind H.R. Pufnstuf. And everybody’s favorite burger-stealing menace first appeared in the early ’70s as a petite thief, reviled by the denizens of McDonaldland. Guys, he used to be super old, randomly wear a shirt that said “Lone Jogger,” and speak in gibberish. He eventually evolved into the more affable, youthful weirdo we’re familiar with today, because someone at McDonald’s was probably all “Yeah, so, he is basically the creature of our nightmares?” Either way, he is still sassy, still burger-mad, and still down with petty theft. Also he was friends with Cedric the Entertainer.

Get This Look:

Get The Look: Hamburglar

Get The Look: Hamburglar, featuring long leather gloves.


2. Grimace

Full disclosure: I used to have a crush on Grimace. It was therefore shocking to learn that he was originally created to be a villain, in league with the Hamburglar! In fact, he was so evil that his first character name was “Evil Grimace.” For subtlety. But everybody loves Grimace now because he’s clumsy to the extreme, the king of pratfalls, and apparently Irish — see his uncle, Uncle O’Grimace. Purple, passionate about his fast food, and friend of Ronald — Grimace continues to be where it’s at.

Get This Look:

Get The Look: Grimace

Get The Look: Grimace, featuring hot shorts.


3. The McNugget Buddies

Back in the halcyon days before we’d seen photos of the pink slop that actually comprises our delicious nuggets, the McNugget Buddies were Waldorf and Statler’s more-earnest, less-clothed McDonaldland counterparts. Thrilled to be dipped, overjoyed to be eaten, they wore many costumes, inspired my personal favorite Happy Meal toy, and were the best of friends until they were — presumably — eaten by a hungover guy.

Get This Look:

Get The Look: McNugget Buddies

Get The Look: McNugget Buddies.

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