Friday Bargain Bin: Super Bowl Weekend

Nike Touchdown Tees, $29 (were $45)
My team is all sold out. JUST KIDDING, I DO NOT HAVE A FOOTBALL TEAM. WHAT!? Also, this is not going to be Super Bowl-themed. That was almost a total lie, except for the fact that this is posting on the last weekday before the Super Bowl, and I found this one football-related item which doesn’t really count seeing as how the final teams’ shirts aren’t even available.

Nation LTD Eugene Cardigan, $39 (was $130)
Euge. The Eugigan. Cardigene. Leave this in your tote in case you accidentally leave the house in that t-shirt, Edith.

Ceramic Fox Speaker, $24.99 (was $49)
What is this, how does it work, and when is mine arriving?

Set of Three Winter Home Candles, $24.49 (was $49)
I cannot even count the number of agonizing seconds I just spent checking the price on this and the fox speaker to be sure I wasn’t mixing them up. Anyways! These are the best candles because they make crackly noises like a real fire.

Lattice Fishnet Tights, $6.99 (were $15)
If full-on fishnets are too hot, and those fake ones that are just opaque tights with lines drawn on them are too cold, these will be juuust right.

Rock Tumbling Kit, $29.99 (was $54.95)
“In just a few weeks, you can make what it takes rivers and oceans thousands of years to create — smooth, polished stones that can be transformed into jewelry. This kit contains all you need to get started: a powerful tumbling cylinder, semiprecious rough stones, polishing powder, and findings to make a key chain, necklace, ring, or earrings.” !!!

Spotted Sea Heels, $80 (were $340)
Holy moly, what a sale. While you’re at BHLDN, scoop these…

Set of Six Monogrammed Cards, $4 (were $20)
Opal, Quintana, Ursula, Xochitl, and Yolanda — you are in luck this week!

Noir Jewelry 18-Karat-Gold-Plated Enameled Earrings, $35 (were $72)
Perfect for summer.

NIP & FAB Limited Edition 10 Years Younger in a Box, $23,68 (was $34.99)
Wow, could the name of this company BE any more British? A lot of you have been asking for some weak-ass, non-Retin-A-containing, “anti-aging” snake oil to waste your money on, so here you go!

Two Nights at Castlemartyr Resort in Ireland, $210 (was $404)
Go. GO! Why are you still here? SCRAM!