Friday Bargain Bin Presents: Presents

Monogrammed Folded Book Sculpture, $35
You could order four and make an SMDH sculpture.

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate on a Stick, $9.95 (was $16)
Salted Caramel and Belgian Chocolate are all that’s left, but what else do you need?

Deco Trinket Bracelet, $29.95 (was $58)
This, on the other hand, comes in three more flavors.

Jack Spade “Cheddar” Wallet, $62 (was $95)
A salesman here once said that If you’re past the joking stage in your relationship, their anchor wallet is a symbol that the carrier is in a committed relationship. You could just gift it to someone without telling them that and then hope they never go into Jack Spade find out you’re basically married?

Digby & Iona Stump Ring, $170 plus free engraving (usually $40) with code “VDAY.”
Aaron Ruff, the man behind this line, says he’ll work through the weekend to be sure you get yours in time for Valentine’s day. Engraving is also free with that code on the Rough Hewn Necklace and the Stump Necklace.

Hip Hop Legends Poster, $9.99 (was $19)
Let’s see how many we can name.

Two Lobster Pot Pies With Heart, $35.99 (were $42.95)
Yes, this is a lot for two pot pies, but not a lot for an impressive gourmet dinner for two. Add a salad and a bottle of wine and you are totally gonna make out for less than $50. They say it’ll get there in time! Where this while you pretend to cook:

Cosmos Jumpsuit, $99.95 (waas $188)
You think jumpsuits are hideous? SAY IT TO MY FACE.

Lisa Frank Thank You Notes, $3.99 (were $14)
Never forget!