reading this piece about the history of the heart symbol on Shutterstock led to this 2010 piece in Lapham’s Quarterly, which led to a Google search for the “history of the heart symbol,” which led to Wikipedia’s interesting entry and a search for the word “cardioid,” which led to this pleasant GIF, which reminded me that [cardioid back up to the top]

No, but one of the best parts of the long and excellent Lapham’s piece, which Shutterstock’s Danny Groner pointed out yesterday, is when author Iain Gately describes the people who’d recently learned that their hearts weren’t shaped like actual cardioids as “still preferr[ing] to associate the pounding muscle beneath their ribs with the emotion that made it sprint, or stagger.” (!)

There was a bleeding-heart bush behind the house I grew up in, and its flowers were so pretty and weird. There’s no story here, but I guess it’s just nice you can’t really buy a bouquet of those.

Oh, actually it seems you can. Never mind!